8 Must Have Apps For Android

1.) Google Authenticator (Free)
This app allows you to use two-step verification when logging into websites such as Facebook, WordPress, and Google. For those of whom do not know what two step verification is, it is a six number code that you put in after using your password for extra security.

2.) AutomateIt (Free)
This easy to use app allows you to make easy, programmable “rules” for your device, such as turning down the volume when a headset is plugged in or auto-replying when a certain contact texts you.

3.) Android Device Manager (Free)
This is essentially Find my iPhone for Android. You also have the added peace of mind that this app is from Google, and not a 3rd party.

4.) Google Goggles (Free)
This app is a can scan barcodes, QR codes, book covers, buildings, and basically anything else you can think of.

5.) Onavo Extend (Free)
This app comes from a subsidiary of Facebook and compresses your data while you are on mobile networks so your data plan lasts longer. Unlike other apps, this does not stop functions or require a PhD to use.

6.) Orbot (Free) & Orweb (Free)
This app duo allows you to browse the web safely and anonymously through the Tor encryption network. These apps are great for dealing with firewalls, especially when those firewalls block proxies.

7.) Short Paste (Free)
This app takes links you have copied to your clipboard and shortens them using either bit.ly or Google’s goo.gl. It also provides a bit.ly login so you can see your click stats or use a custom url.

8.) Xim (Free)
Temporarily share photos and albums with friends and family members (who don’t need to have the app). This app also allows you to move through the photos as a collective and real time chat between viewers. No accounts are required.

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