How to Get Started With Coding

When I got started with coding, I was 12 and not very good at it. As time went on, I got learned more and now I am able to code (a bit) better. I created have several projects including a link shortener and WattPad reader.

One of the confusions I had when I was 12 was where to start, which is what I will show you how to do today.

1.) Choose a Language to Learn

I highly recommend starting with HTML, Javascript, and CSS (they all work together) and then learning PHP. These four languages are the ones that power websites.

HTML – This is the content and structure of the page. It includes the text, pictures, and videos you see on a page.


Javascript – This is the code that tells the page what to do. You can do things such as add in content, put in changing content (like a date), and change pages automatically.

CSS – This is what sets up how the pages will look. You can set colors, sizes, locations, etc.

PHP – This is code that your server (the thing that sends your code) uses. You can change the content of pages, access usernames, and create additional information for pages.

2.) Find A Place to Learn Them

Codecademy is free and simple to use, with courses on many languages and much support available.

Khan Academy has some great video resources to help you learn.

W3Schools is my favorite reference resource. It has many examples as well.

3.) Designate a Place to Experiment

There are many hosts who will offer you a free hosting account. X10Hosting is the best account I have had so far. It is basically always up and you can easily add Cloudflare services.

One thought on “How to Get Started With Coding

  1. Nice guide, this is actually how I started out at 12 also. After the PHP i’d definately recomend moving over to C – you get a much better understanding of programming and problem solving at this level!

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