5 Useful Websites You Probably Haven’t Heard Of, Yet

1.) Docs.com


This little add-on to Microsoft’s free Office online suite allows you to share documents quickly and easily. You just upload the file or add one from Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud and you get a doc.co link to your work. People can download or comment on what you shared. You can also make groups for you files and share those.

2.) us.to


This itsy bitsy link shortener has an instruction manual to match. You can shorten links or create custom links very easily. You can also add a bookmark that automatically shortens your link.

3.) Xim


Okay, I cheated just a little. Xim is an app that allows you to share photos with friends or family without everyone huddling around one screen. When one person changes the photo, they all change. Even better, everyone you send it to can view it over the website.

4.) PayPal.me


This website, made by PayPal, makes it as easy to request money as it is to send a link. You get a personal link and can change the amount by adding a number onto the end of the link (ex. paypal.me/myself/4 asks for $4). Here is mine.

5.) Pocket


Last but certainly not least is Pocket, which allows you to save articles, images, and videos for later. You can add the app and/or extension to all of your devices and it will sync your articles so you can read them offline on any device. This is extremely useful for reading the news or keeping universal bookmarks.

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