How to Check What You’re Eating

We have all, from time to time, looked at the back of the box and stared at the ingredients with really big names and wondered if they were healthy or what they did. Similarly, you could ask yourself if the company you are buying from is ethical in its practices. Now you can answer both of those questions with a scan of a barcode. Two awesome apps can help you be healthier and more educated about what you are buying.

Fooducate (iOS|And)


Fooducate focuses on the health aspects. You can scan or search for products that you use, and Fooducate will find the health data and show you the grade they have assigned it (from A to F) along with the number of calories. It also does what the food box doesn’t and shows the daily value for sugar and protein (both should be limited, learn more about protein). I use this app less for calorie counting (which you can do quite efficiently with this app) and more for general health data.

Buycott (iOS|And)


Buycott, just as the name implies, helps you to boycott companies which support things you are opposed to and vice versa. A good example would be you might scan Kroger brand trail mix. You would see that Kroger supports labor unions and the Salvation Army, but they supported the veto of equal pay legislation in Texas. You are able to get a wider view of a companies actions. The app also suggests alternatives that support your views more than the current product. Just signup and select the campaigns you want, and when you scan a product, you will be notified.


Now it is much easier to get information about what you are eating and who you are buying it from. Have any useful additions? Add them in the comments!

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