How to Customize Your Favorite Websites

You don’t have to be a hacker to change how your favorite websites look and act. There are three easy ways to customize the websites you visit most often.

1.) Install Stylish (Chrome|Firefox|Safari)


Stylish is an extension that allows you to retheme the websites you visit. Stylish works by injecting CSS (web page style) scripts into websites and changing the way websites look. Also, if you have some code skills, they are easy to make and modify. I have made a few scripts (see here). You can get all of the styles that you want at

2.) Install Tampermonkey (Chrome|Safari)/ Greasemonkey (Firefox)


Tamper/Greasemonkey are extensions that inject Javascript (the web page action script) into web pages.  Not only do they allow you to customize the way in which a website looks, you can also customize the way that it acts. For example, Youtube Center allows you to set up sizing, autoplay, direct downloads, and much more on YouTube.

3.) Install Ghostery (Chrome|Firefox|Safari|IE) and ABP (Chrome|Firefox|Safari|IE)


Ghostery and AdBlock Plus block invasive ads and popups. Not only does this help websites load much faster, but it also makes websites more simple and easy to use. There is also the added bonus of increased privacy when using Ghostery. AdBlock includes malware domain protection. You can also choose to allow unintrusive advertising so the websites you go to can support themselves.


Have other creative ways to change the web? Comment below!


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