How to make life easier with IFTTT

You have probably seen some weird links before and wondered what that was. IFTTT, officially known as If This Then That, lets you choose different internet triggers (like time, weather, posts to Facebook) that lead to actions (like emails to you, text messages to you, automatic posts to your social network).



Here is an example: IFTTT connects to your WordPress and Pocket accounts (learn more about Pocket) so that whenever you post, your article is automatically saved.


There are tons of “channels” or things you can do to trigger and event or create an action. Many people integrate WordPress, Tumblr, Instagram, and other social media so whenever they post on one network, their post is distributed everywhere (it is very simple to do). It doesn’t even require an app to function, although there are some app-specific rules like notifications, pictures, etc that you can get through the app. (iOS|And)

Here are some of my favorite rules so far:

(Two rules) Text a link to IFTTT and then it will text you back a shortened link

Get notifications when there will be snow

Tweet via text message

Save Pinterest pins to Pocket

Text a URL to add the file to Dropbox or Box

Add saved YouTube tracks to Spotify (works normally)

Add SoundCloud likes to Spotify

Get price drop notifications on a webpage

Automatically save Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

Automatically send Happy Birthday via Facebook


Have any other recipes you love? Leave a comment below!



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