How to Make a Digital Library for your Music, Movies, and TV

There are many reasons why you should digitize your collection of songs and shows. First and foremost, they are much less likely to be lost online. Second, they take up lots of unnecessary space on your devices that you could use for apps. Finally, you can listen or watch your media on whatever device you want with the right apps installed.

Google Play Music

This service, which is only for music, allows you to add up to 50,000 songs into Google’s digital library for free. The Music Manager add-on will automatically find new songs on your device and upload them for you. If it is able to detect your song before uploading, it will automatically add your song.

Baidu Yun

Both of these services are in Chinese, but offer insane amounts of free storage. Tencent Weiyun offers 3 Terabytes of space and 20 Gigabytes per file to each user. Baidu offers 2 Terabytes after installing the mobile app, but can connect with more applications (see MultCloud). If you want to see some other cloud services (in English) check here.


Perhaps the most important piece of software, Plex turns your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer into a server for your content. You view the movies, TV shows, personal photos, and music on your computer on any of your other devices with Plex. Plex Theater can be installed on Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, Linux, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, Play station, and more.


MultCloud is a free service that moves files from one cloud storage service to another. For example, if you had a video in Box and wanted to free up space and move it to Baidu Yun, you could.

VLC Media Player

VLC allows you to access watch videos and listen to music from almost all formats. Chances are if you can’t get it to play with your device alone, VLC can help.

Have any other suggestions for a digital library? Leave a comment!



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